Our Story


Sparks Financial Services is a third-generation planning practice in Lynnwood, Washington, dedicated to serving clients through our affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a Registered Investment Adviser-Broker/Dealer. By skillfully integrating holistic financial and life planning with investment management, we believe our clients experience the value of a well-planned financial life.

Sparks Financial Services was founded by Dickinson Sparks, the first CFP® professional in the state of Washington and a true pioneer in the industry. Dick dedicated his career to serving his clients, and later welcomed his daughter, Cheryl Sparks, to the firm to work beside him and continue his legacy. With few women in financial services at the time, Cheryl was also a pioneer in the industry and paved the way for a new generation of advisors. Like her father, Cheryl dedicated her career to serving her clients, and, just as her father did for her, she welcomed Joleen Yelton to the firm to work beside her and continue the Sparks legacy.

Today, the firm is owned and operated by its third generation: Joleen and Taylor Yelton. Joleen is fifty percent Sparks, and Dick's great niece. Joleen is honored to carry on the Sparks legacy that her family started, and together with her husband and team, continue to serve individuals, families and small businesses in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

In addition to investment portfolio management, we create and structure customized planning solutions to work towards goals.

By listening to and prioritizing client goals, we educate and empower clients to pursue financial freedom and enjoy retirement.

At Sparks Financial Services, our family is focused on your success at every stage of life.



The Sparks Financial  Services team in 2021. Left to right: Rosa Hughes, Joleen Yelton, Taylor Yelton.


Group Olivia 2 CROPPED

The Sparks Financial Services team in 2017. Left to right: Cheryl Sparks, baby girl Yelton, Joleen Yelton, Taylor Yelton.