Who We Best Serve

At Sparks Financial Services, we strive to maintain longstanding and successful client relationships. Our current clients are our highest priority, and we operate at near-maximum capacity. Therefore, we must be selective when accepting new clients. 

If the following characteristics resonate with you, we welcome your phone call or email to explore if your needs are a fit with our firm and service model. 

  • Individuals and families seeking a comprehensive Financial Advisor relationship.
  • Willing to engage in open dialogue around all aspects of personal finances. To us, this means:
    • Annual review meetings, or more frequent meetings during times of major life changes,
    • Providing comprehensive statements and information about financial life,
    • A commitment to open, honest, and ongoing conversation.
  • Excited to work with a primary Advisor to consolidate investments for simplified, personalized management and holistic financial planning. 
  • Committed to their own financial well-being, and ready to partner with our firm to help achieve their goals, through good times and challenges alike. 
  • Comfortable working with a fiduciary asset manager on a fee-basis.